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RTD Era Meme: 8 scenes [5/8]

"You killed her! Your stupid freaking game show killed her!"

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Doomsday AU | Part 2 

"I lost him."

Rose couldn’t bring herself to believe what had just happened. Pete Tyler, her father, had shown up at the last possible second, grabbing the Doctor and disappearing right before flying into the void. She didn’t realize she still had breath in her lungs to scream as she pounded on the wall, begging for the Doctor to return. Soon she heard the sound of Torchwood agents, and decided it was best if she got the TARDIS out of there. She managed to find a way to talk to the Doctor, but the conversation cut off before he could tell her—(based on this and this)

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She closed the rift.
At such a cost.
She saved the world.
A shopgirl.
No one will ever know…

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Because we have Ten on a scooter, but were sadly missing Nine…

(DWM 355)

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Doomsday AU | Part 1

When the Doctor’s lever begins to shift, he tries as hard as he can to hold it back into its locked position. His grip isn’t tight enough, but Pete comes at the last minute to save him. Stuck without a TARDIS and without Rose Tyler, the Doctor suddenly has to figure out a way back to the other universe, back home. He calls out to Rose in his sleep, and one day she calls back. (based on this and this)

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Everyone loves Martha Jones!

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Anonymous whispered: Hey. I heard you weren't doing to well, so I'm gonna try to cheer you up! :D Just know that we're here for you. If you need to vent, anything, we're here. And you'll get through whatever you're getting through. I know it. So.. uhh... BEE HAPPEH. DON'T WORREH. :)

Thank you so much! I want to give you a giant bear hug, fabulous anon who makes me smile!

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silly dt pen doodles for the incomparable minduiquitelikehope 

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i love you river i hope everything gets better soon

soooo adorable! I love you elise!

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badwolfrun whispered: river I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling sad. I'm gonna send you a million puppies, a warm blanket, some drinks and tons of hugs *hugs tightly*

*sigh happy puppies and warm blankets! It’s truly amazing how helpful cuddles are right now. Love you MK!

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